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Art is another form of expression where the artist speaks without speaking and is heard without listening whether it’s a painting, photography, sculpture or drawing. The language is universal

Art is my first love, my passion. It has led me to help promote and present several artists, raise funds for NGO’s, set up galleries, exhibitions and curate art taking it around the Globe for more than two decades.. The purpose of fine art is for aesthetics, and adding character or beautifying the space. The right art chosen is also important in the branding of a company or Individual’s image as well as creating a pleasant and inspiring environment.. thus as an artist it is easier to understand the effect of color in an environment & the warmth and positivity a color spreads

It takes years to develop the knowledge, taste, relationships and vision that culminate in a successfully curated show.

It is found that art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and encouraging expression of opinions. It increases the quality of life, builds relationships and leads to networking opportunities.

The feeling is different when being in a workplace that is surrounded by color than being in a space with blank walls. An artwork can provide a talking point in a bland corporate meeting room. Multiple companies have begun incorporating fine art in their workplaces.

Being an artist myself and having being commissioned by several architects and interior designers for various homes and offices it is easier to understand individual tastes. So placing the right art in the right space is important to creating a positive mood and atmosphere

‘Art is not what you see but what you make others see’ Edgar Degas

Bina Aziz
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